Photos from recent solo show at The Foundation Gallery in New Orleans!

Here are some pics from my first solo show at The Foundation Gallery in New Orleans. The show opened on White Linen Night, August 3rd, 2013 and lasted for 2 months. This is a yearly event in August where all the galleries open at the same time and there is a big street party. They set up stages with music, there are drinks and lots and lots of ART. It’s a great, fun time!  Read more about The Foundation Gallery and their wonderful model for non-profit charity here:

Foundation Gallery, New Orleans:

New Orleans 2013_013

The next few images are from the day before the opening…getting ready!!!
New Orleans 2013_014

New Orleans 2013_015

New Orleans 2013_017

New Orleans 2013_018

New Orleans 2013_019

New Orleans 2013_020

New Orleans 2013_021

New Orleans 2013_023

New Orleans 2013_026

My solo show opened on White Linen Night at The Foundation Gallery, New Orleans, August 2013. There were a couple of stages set up in the streets where all the galleries were, along with a lot of drinking (in classic New Orleans style) and lots and lots of ART
New Orleans 2013_059

White Linen Night, New Orleans
New Orleans 2013_060

There was even a white lighthouse! on White Linen Night!
New Orleans 2013_062

The opening of my show saw hundreds of people through the doors of The Foundation Gallery throughout the night!
New Orleans 2013_065

New Orleans 2013_066b

New Orleans 2013_066c

New Orleans 2013_066d

Several people enjoyed taking photos with the drawing of Jillaine Gill looking down, trying to make themselves look like Jillaine. It was funny!
New Orleans 2013_066e

Tioma with his portrait
New Orleans 2013_066f

I stood next to the entrance most of the night next to my portrait and held a sign that said “The Artist” and waited to see the realization in people’s faces when they saw it. Some people took a surprisingly long time to get it! By the end of the night, my face really hurt from smiling and laughing so much.
New Orleans 2013_066h

Me with the amazing founder of The Foundation Gallery, Lila Heymann
New Orleans 2013_067

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