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Gayle Gibbons Madeira is an award-winning painter, dancer and choreographer based in New York City. She has studied the human figure throughout her life and fortunately had the world of ballet and modern dance at her disposal for studying anatomy and utilizing models. In addition to the human figure, because of her farm upbringing, Gayle had many animals available for drawing and painting inspiration. She received a Bachelors in Fine Art from the State University of New York, College at Purchase in dance performance and choreography and has found that the training for creating choreography in 3 dimensions corresponds directly to creating art in 2 dimensions.

Gayle has exhibited at The National Arts Club, The Salmagundi Club, the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Principle Gallery and the New York Hall of Science among others. Her paintings are included in numerous private and institutional collections. Hershey’s Corporation commissioned Gayle in 2016 to paint a portrait of comedian Nick Kroll in the role of Napoleon in a repainting of the famous work “Napoleon Crossing the Alps”.  In August and September 2013, she had a solo art exhibition at The Foundation Gallery in New Orleans and will be part of a group show in the same gallery in 2016. Her portrait of “Dan Eberle” is featured in Strokes of Genius 5: Best of Drawing | Composition by North Light Books which came out in September 2013. Gayle’s paintings are prominently featured in the independent film “Prayer to a Vengeful God” directed by Dan Eberle. It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her painting “Bread, Cheese, Wine and Olive Oil” was selected as a finalist in the Artist’s Magazine in 2015, her painting “Can-Can Dancer in the Basement of Restaurant Florent” was selected as a finalist in the Artist’s Magazine in 2014 and her painting LB was selected as a finalist in the Artist’s Magazine in 2009. She was the Artist-of-the-Month for Artist’s Magazine’s February 2010 issue. Gayle’s painting “Pasha” was a finalist in the 2015 Art Renewal Center’s juried salon.

“An internationally recognized professional artist and dancer who grew up on a farm in Northern Virginia, Gayle Madeira explores her fascination with the physical body through both media. In the words of the artist: ‘I am obsessed with figures and giving them the most honest representation that I can in artistic form.’ As a painter, she shows an exceptional attention to detail and applies techniques that distinguish her work. Her black and white charcoal portraits on gesso board, like those featured in the film “Prayer to a Vengeful God” possess both painterly and graphic qualities. In her highly detailed, to-scale, tightly cropped portraits, every hair and wrinkle is visible. From afar, it is possible to mistake her drawings and paintings for photographs. Upon closer inspection, the lines and shading, the trace of the hand, becomes apparent. Madeira started working in oil paint in 2009. She is also known for her animal portraits in watercolor which she creates using a unique dry-brush technique. Madeira’s work has been exhibited extensively in New York City and throughout the United States.”
–Tracy Adler, Director of Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College

In her professional dance career, Gayle Gibbons Madeira has performed with many dance companies including: Gleich Contemporary Ballet, Merce Cunningham Repertory Understudy Group, David Gordon’s Pick-Up Dance Company, Antonio Ramos, Thingsezisee’m Dance Theater, Shapiro & Smith, DanceCompass, Phffft Dance Theater, D.D. Dorvillier and Matthew Nash Ballet, among others. Madeira also performed burlesque for many years, dancing the can-can with choreography by Denise Dalfo-Zay every Bastille Day at Restaurant Florent in New York City since 1993 and a variety of other burlesque dances in the same venue, some of which were her own choreography.

In 2006 Madeira started dancing Argentine tango. In July 2008, she won the U.S. Argentine Tango Championship with partner Lexa Roséan, then winning the salon category in 2011 with partner Sidney Grant. She has also had the great pleasure to perform Argentine Tango with Carlos Vera, Artem “Tioma” Maloratsky, Anton Gazenbeek, Raul Cabral, Jorge Juanatey, Monica Paz, and Walter Zylinski. Gayle has performed at various milongas in New York City including the Black and White Ball, the All Night Milonga, Milonga Rosa (and La Belle Epoque, the former name for this milonga), Mala Leche, RoKo, Armenonville, Lafayette Grill, Stepping Out, Studio 101 and Dance Manhattan.

Gayle Gibbons Madeira had her own dance company in New York City for three years and her choreography has been produced in numerous venues including: Dunois Theater (Paris, France), Spoleto Festival USA, Here Theater (NYC), Joyce SoHo, Ohio Theater, PACE University and SUNY Purchase. She has also worked with well-known theater and opera director Sam Helfrich on several projects including “The Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny” (Opera Boston), “The Transparency of Val” (NYC, written by Stephen Belber), “In a Pig’s Valise” (Bard College, by Eric Overmyer), “Mirandolina” (Manhattan School of Music), and “After the Fall” (New York University) by Arthur Miller.

Website: http://www.gaylemadeira.com
Linked In profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/gaylemadeira
Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/gayleymadeira
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gayle-Gibbons-Madeira-Artist-Dancer-Choreographer/186640521374514

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  1. nice to see you, your work. i am the dk behind the scenes in all paul’s website. thank you. i used to be at morgan and do my own data mining. lived in a zen temple in korea between architect and stock broker, ran a cloud company in union nj, lifetime runner……… aim to follow you. interesting woman!! did a bit of due diligence on you. special.

    • Wow, you have a very amazing bio and I’m honored to have you follow me! So glad you’re doing Paul’s site. I’ve been relying on his information to give to people, trying to get people to understand the seriousness of the situation we’re facing. It doesn’t matter if my paintings are made to last hundreds of years if we have a planetary meltdown.

  2. ditto. i also did Jennifer Hynes (‘methane monster’ video kind) and Kevin Hester’s (facebook, cum guy mcPherson, who also did work for…) website. got prior onto KKRN’s Unspun, same site as democracy now. i advise and lead and mentor. i dont just sit and take instructions, but guide and say, ‘dont do that’.

    in my tradition, guru can be menacing people. ‘the one who stays and fights is the one who loves’.

    I am NOT a web developer, but rather, a knowledge manager with good visual skills who understands how to create, distribute, and refine content, with the strategy of a chess player-warrior-broker.

    our world as you know is in serious trouble. i am not so sanguine as paul, but help him. i see us in hospice, not treatment. fact. mountaineering here shows it. there is no snow. rain capital of world.

    almost studied with Tam Gibbs, was it his name, before leaving NYC to live in Korea, who studied with Cheng Man Ching. at one time, was able to read parts of his interlineal Tao te Ching. living in a korean zen temple was much like Fellini’s Roma. it really was.


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