My portrait of Dan Eberle is now out in a book: ‘Strokes of Genius 5 – The Best of Drawing’

I’m very excited to announce that a portrait I drew of the filmmaker Dan Eberle was just published in a compilation of drawings called ‘Strokes of Genius 5 – The Best of Drawing’ and can be bought from a couple of websites:

Portrait of "Dan Eberle" originally made for the movie "Prayer to a Vengeful God" and also shown in the solo show "Gayle Madeira: Burlesque and Film Portraits" at The Foundation Gallery in New Orleans, 2013

Portrait of “Dan Eberle” originally made for the movie “Prayer to a Vengeful God” and also shown in the solo show “Gayle Madeira: Burlesque and Film Portraits” at The Foundation Gallery in New Orleans, 2013. This portrait is now in a book of drawings put out by North Light Books called “Strokes of Genius 5 – The Best of Drawing”

From the North Light website:

This fifth volume in the beautiful Strokes of Genius series emphasizes design and composition, and features 120 drawings in charcoal, pencil, pastel, ink, and more. The pieces featured in this volume were hand-selected from thousands of entrants and capture a wide variety of stories told through composition.

In Strokes of Genius 5, you’ll find:

  • Beautifully rendered landscape drawings featuring wooded forests, water scenes, and depictions of the seasons, all with strong compositions brought to life with the skillful use of line
  • Dynamic figure drawings that tell a story through the artist’s choice of pose, whether candid or planned, and the surroundings of the figure
  • Urban compositions featuring busy city scenes, grand architecture, and urban settings with dynamic portrayals of mood and lighting
  • Fair fauna drawings highlighting the majesty of nature by depicting both close-up images of animals and distanced scenes of the wild
  • Compelling still-life compositions filled with unique and unusual objects, or every-day objects from unique and unusual vantage points.
  • Portrait drawings that capture the personality of the subject through the use of subtle details, bright highlights, and rich shadows
  • Explore vivid photos of each of the 120 drawings in this volume, plus find tips and quotes from each of the contributing artists about their drawing. You’ll benefit from the advice of 91 skilled artists in a wide variety of media and enjoy their unique designs and compositions.

Gayle Madeira: Burlesque and Film Portraits Exhibition

Art Exhibition in New Orleans and New York City

"Mr. Peacock" - Oil on board, 18" x 24"

“Mr. Peacock” – Oil on board, 18″ x 24″

Come see my latest paintings of burlesque and film portraits in New Orleans and New York City! Preview the entire series here:

The exhibition includes portraits of: Antonio Ramos, Miss Dirty Martini, Tigger-James Ferguson, Denise Dalfo, Rieko Yamanaka, Bethel Caram, Renee Tuzun, Daniel Eberle, Jillaine Gill, Amanda Bender, Beau Allulli, Paul James Vasquez, Tioma Maloratsky and Gayle Madeira.

New Orleans: The Foundation Gallery
Date: August and September 2013, opening reception on August 3, 2013 which is also White Linen Night, a great art event/party in NOLA known as the “SoHo of the South.” See details below.

Place: The Foundation Gallery, 608 Julia Street, New Orleans, Louisiana

Gallery Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 11-4, Thursday – Saturday 11-6


New York City: La Nacional
Date: ONE NIGHT ONLY! Thursday, July 25, 2013

Place: La Nacional (the event space on the 2nd floor, not the restaurant on the ground floor)
239 West 14th St. (between 7th / 8th ave), 2nd FloorCost: 5-7 is free, after 7pm it is $15. Wine served all night… free from 5-7 and you have to pay after 7pm

Time: 5-7 pm will be the main showing with the lights on. After that, there are tango lessons from 7-9:30 (which you are encouraged to attend! Beginner lesson is 7-8, intermediate is 8-9:30) and then there is social tango dancing from 9:30-2am. The paintings will be up all night but you won’t be able to walk freely around and see them all very easily during the dancing part of the evening so if you aren’t a tango dancer, I highly recommend coming from 5-7.


About Gayle Madeira: “An internationally recognized professional artist and dancer who grew up on a farm in Northern Virginia, Gayle Madeira explores her fascination with the physical body through both media. In the words of the artist: “I am obsessed with figures and giving them the most honest representation that I can in artistic form.” As a painter, she shows an exceptional attention to detail and applies techniques that distinguish her work. Her black and white charcoal portraits on gesso board, like those featured in the film “Prayer to a Vengeful God” possess both painterly and graphic qualities. In her highly detailed, to-scale, tightly cropped portraits, every hair and wrinkle is visible. From afar, it is possible to mistake her drawings and paintings for photographs. Upon closer inspection, the lines and shading, the trace of the hand, becomes apparent. Madeira started working in oil paint in 2009. She is also known for her animal portraits in watercolor which she creates using a unique dry-brush technique. Madeira’s work has been exhibited extensively in New York City and throughout the United States.” –Tracy Adler, Director of Ruth and Elmer Wellin Museum of Art at Hamilton College
Gayle Madeira’s website:

About White Linen Night: It has been called the “SoHo of the South” and every summer during the first Saturday evening in August, the Warehouse Arts District centering on Julia Street shows why it has earned that nickname. For three hours on that first Saturday evening in August, five blocks of Julia Street are closed to vehicular traffic and a huge, festive, uniquely New Orleans-style block party known as Whitney White Linen Night kicks off. The event is free and open to the public.

About the Foundation Gallery:  Proceeds from each sale at The Foundation Gallery go to one of the Heymann Foundation’s invaluable charitable causes. Each show supports a different cause. The Heymann Foundation is a thirty five year old 501 C -3 charitable organization. It functions under the belief that it is knowledge and education, combined with compassion, that are the tools needed to positively enrich a community. The Heymann Foundation has not only aided in disaster relief, but has been prevalent in the rebuilding efforts in Louisiana by supporting such organizations as The United Way, American Red Cross, The Salvation Army , The Dryades YMCA, Habitat for Humanity, Food Net, Good Will and Lazarus House. The Heymann Foundation is a large supporter, both locally and nationally, to The Alzheimer’s Association. They have donated to the American Jewish World Congress to help those affected by the devastating tsunami in 2006 and Haitian earthquake relief. Their commitment to diversification is also evident in their support of several local and statewide art, music and animal charities. For more information about The Foundation Gallery, please contact Lila Heymann or Erica Amrine at or call 504-568-0955.

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