I’m featured in a blog!

A blog post on my blog announcing a blog post about me on a different blog post? Sure, why not 😀

The Delicate Strength is my friend Aga’s blog. There are lots of articles about tango on there, and some funny tango cartoons, and a link to her amazing tango clothes company. She just put up a post about me which is quite lovely, thanks Aga!

Yukun’s Sun!

My co-worker Yukun Zhao is leaving us and we are very sad about that but we wish him lots of sunny days, blue skies and clear pathways ahead of him in his new life! He will be teaching and consulting Positive Psychology, bringing this great concept to people all over the world. I picked the sun because he is sunny, and because we want him to have lots of sun, and be surrounded by sunny people!



More Cowbell for Pete Underwood!

This one’s for my co-worker at InterContinental Exchange who is leaving the company.

Pete, for you, finally…MORE COWBELL!!!
     Pete you always wanted more cowbell
     and often also Cool Whip.
     We’ll miss you terribly here at ICELink
     for you were always a trip!

Best of luck to you in all your new ventures and adventures!

(and for anyone who doesn’t know the cowbell skit, check it out here. I didn’t know it until Pete enlightened me: http://www.laughness.com/snl-gotta-have-more-cowbell-original-skit.1126)


Time for a castle!

Tomorrow I’m going to a castle! It’s called Wing’s Castle. It was hand built by a couple of artists over the last 40 years. Here’s the link if you want to read about it: http://www.wingscastle.com


Happy Birthday to my big Russian bull!


Something fishy going on!

It’s been so rainy in New York City this week that a fish ended up on the Lipstick Building!