Last Lipstick Building Drawing!

This is my last day working at InterContinental Exchange where I’ve had the privilege of getting to sit next to a huge picture window that looks out on the Lipstick Building…therefore this is my last drawing on that window! It’s been really fun to draw and paint on the window and play around with the iconic Lipstick Building. I will miss it, and my co-workers, but it is time to go back into painting and dancing full time for a while. All the new posts will be painting on canvas!

Last lipstick drawing_sm

The sun, the moon, and all of the stars. My tribute to QA.

Next week is my last week at my computer job and I’m doing some tributes to the people I worked with there. This one is a tribute to my fellow QA (quality assurance) testers. They’ve been asked to test the sun, the moon and all of the stars and they came through again and again! May they continue to shine…

Sun moon stars_sm

One week from today will be my last day working at my computer job. It’s been wonderful working with all of the incredibly talented developers, DBAs and QA testers and I’m going to do a few tributes to them on the Lipstick Building. This first one is a shout-out to the developers. They are magicians! They do amazing work under intense pressure and deadlines. It has been a true pleasure and honor to have worked with them. For this drawing, they’re pulling a rabbit out of the Lipstick Building. I bet they could do that with their super magic power abilities! I couldn’t fit all of them in this picture, but it applies to all of them.


mmMMmm delicious, the Lipstick Building with a cherry on top!


I’m a huge fan of the Lipstick Building!

I’ve started counting down the days left at my job, and hence the days left to draw pictures on the window I sit next to, looking out on the Lipstick Building. Today is Day #9 before my last day!


Too funny not to post…

Check out this very funny post “The Reality of a Developer’s Life – in GIFs, Of Course” – it is hysterical, (but mostly for folks who work in software development):

The Lipstick Building is all dressed up for Valentine’s Day!


Miro visited the Lipstick Building today!


The Lipstick Building just had a bright idea!

This was actually from February 6 but I’d forgotten to post it!

Bright idea_sm