That new true blue canoe would do for a few gnu who flew, and you too might mew, or perhaps rue, if they were to woo you with a stew that grew in a shoe.


Bye John, Tracy and Luke!

My extremely good friends John, Tracy and Luke are moving 4 hours upstate NY. I’m very sad to see them go but they have great opportunities awaiting them. They’re driving there in a car but somehow I always imagine moves taking place in an old red pickup truck!

The butterfly who fluttered by!

This afternoon I went to sit by a fountain on Park Avenue and 53rd street to eat my lunch. A big beauty-full orange butterfly fluttered by and sat right next to me. The butterfly gently fluttered it’s wings and stared up at my face for about five minutes! Then fluttered away. It was lovely.

the butterfly that fluttered by

These two toucans sure can can-can!