Recently completed portrait: “Carlos Funes at Ensueno Milonga”

I recently finished this commissioned oil portrait of Carlos Funes. He is a tango dancer, originally from Buenos Aires Argentina but moved here with his wife Cathy to New Jersey decades ago. The two of them taught and performed tango for many years in New Jersey and New York. They danced tango for 50 years together! Cathy died a few years ago and Carlos now comes to the milongas on his own. She used to bake delicious things and bring them to the tango events and now Carlos has taken her place. Every Monday at Ensueno Milonga and Thursday at La Nacional Milonga, he brings wonderful empanadas and alfajores (Argentine cookies with dulce de leche filling) and hands them out to everyone with a big smile. He is like our tango grandfather and is a very important part of our lives. Just seeing his smile can make all the problems from your day recede! I loved painting his portrait. This is an oil painting on canvas using mostly Vasari paints. It is 23″ x 18″ and now resides in Carlos’ home.

Here are three videos of Carlos and Cathy Funes dancing tango, both in New York City and in Buenos Aires:
Tango at Sin Rumbo milonga in Buenos Aires:
Milonga at Town Hall in NYC:
Tango at Town Hall in NYC:
And here is a TV show about them (in Spanish):

"Carlos Funes at Ensueno Milonga" Oil painting on canvas, 23" x 18"

“Carlos Funes at Ensueno Milonga”
Oil painting on canvas, 23″ x 18″

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